Mathis Professional Cleaning

Mathis Professional Cleaning

Exceeding Expectations


Join the Mathis Professional Cleaning Team! We like people who like people, meaning we don’t want to hire anyone that is only looking to make a quick buck. We employ individuals who genuinely want to make others happy. Think about it, when you come home to a clean house don’t you just feel, happy? You can think a little clearer, breathe a little easier and life just feels even better, right? Well that is the type of ambiance we like to create for our customers and we only want employees who will take pride in their role in making that happen.  

 If you've had prior experience in the cleaning industry that's wonderful, however please be prepared to be custom trained for excellence. When one pushes themselves to give their best, they begin to also push their limits further and further, thus building character and confidence. Excellence is just that, constantly excelling. At Mathis Professional Cleaning, we strive for excellence so that we may exceed our customer's expectations.  

We are a growing company and looking to hire those who would like to grow with us. Currently we are offering

part time hours, however we do offer competitive pay as well as performance based incentives. If you believe you fit the description of our ideal candidate, please submit resumes to